What Were Amphetamine Diet Pills Really About? :

About Amphetamine Diet PillsWhat Were Amphetamine Diet Pills Really About?

For several decades, amphetamines were the “it” diet pill. They were used by some of the top celebrities, particularly models and movie stars, to keep a slimmer figure. However, they have since fallen out of use for this purpose in the United States. Still, have you ever wondered what they were all about?

According to the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration, there are three different types of amphetamines. There are dextroamphetamines and there are methamphetamines, as well as a group known simply as amphetamines. It is that last group that had been used for weight loss purposes. They started being used therapeutically in the 1920s, but the abuse of these chemicals became quite widespread. This caused their use to be restricted and heavily enforced. Now, any medication containing this substance must be FDA approved and will only be sold with a doctor’s prescription.

The way amphetamines worked when used by dieters was in the stimulation they provided the brain. They functioned by promoting an increase in dopamine levels in the brain, which resulted in a suppressed appetite. It also gave people more mental alertness, better concentration and a higher pleasure sense. The American Psychological Association published a study that indicated that it is the rise in dopamine levels that brought about the increase in the sense of pleasure as that brain chemical is responsible for that sensation.

Because things were more pleasurable, this also increased its benefits to dieters. For instance, when food was more pleasurable, it was easy to be satisfied by a lower amount of it so the appetite was reduced. Unfortunately, those same drugs were also quickly habit forming, according to data from the National Institute of Drug Abuse.

What’s worse was that amphetamines also came with a range of side effects and many of them were quite severe to the point that they were life threatening. Among the side effects were shortness of breath, insomnia, swelling in the legs and ankles, increased blood pressure and heart rate, vomiting, depression, anxiety, dry mouth, and increased urination among others.

Due to the fact that amphetamines were as problematic as they were, as soon as safer diet drugs came along, the use of the amphetamine based diet pills saw a rapid decline. With each new alternative, those original pills slipped in usage to the point that they simply are not seen in use anymore because they are not worth the potential health risk that comes with their possible benefits.