What Can You Expect from Artichoke Diet Pills? :

Artichoke Diet Pills for weight lossWhat Can You Expect from Artichoke Diet Pills?

Artichokes are a plant that are a very common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. They are a type of food that comes in a shape that is rather unique, and that has a soft flavor that many people find highly appealing. Its delicate taste makes it easy to incorporate it into many dishes, but that isn’t the only reason that this food is used. For a long time, artichokes have also been a part of natural medicine.

In certain limited studies, artichoke has been found to be beneficial in lowering bad cholesterol levels and easing symptoms of indigestion. That said, there have also been a large number of artichoke diet pills that have hit the market shelves, that feature tablets and capsules containing an extract from the plant that claims that it will help to treat a number of conditions, including promoting weight loss.

Unfortunately, as far as what medical research has to say, it looks as though the benefits of artichoke diet pills have been somewhat exaggerated or misleading.

Artichoke extract has been used for medicinal purposes as far back as the Ancient Romans and Greeks. They used them to promote healthier digestion. French physicians in the 19th century prescribed it as a liver problem and jaundice treatment. The extract comes from the plant’s basal leaves and its compounds include cynarin, chlorogenic acid, luteolin, flavenoids, and cyrnaroside.

While this extract is believed to have positive antioxidant properties and there are preliminary studies that indicate that it could be helpful in reducing cholesterol levels and easing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms, there has yet to be any significant research that would link its use directly to fat loss.

Before considering the use of artichoke supplements for any purpose, including weight loss, it is important to speak with a doctor. This will allow you the opportunity to better understand your weight loss needs and expectations, and learn about what this type of supplement could actually do for you, and not just what their manufacturers tell you they will do.

While these vegetables can be very healthful when included as a part of a well balanced diet, the odds are that artichoke diet pills, on their own, will not do very much to help you to burn fat, reduce your appetite, or lose weight. If you are looking for diet pills that will help you in that way, your doctor is likely your best resource to guide you.