Are Vitamin B12 Supplements the Best B Complex for Weight Loss? :

Best B Complex for Weight LossAre Vitamin B12 Supplements the Best B Complex for Weight Loss?

Many have heard of using a B complex for weight loss but aren’t sure which is best. There are eight different B complex vitamins that we need in order to keep up our health and wellness. That said, B vitamins are also frequently associated with the ability to lose weight more easily or efficiently. Depending on where you look, different B vitamins are given more or less consideration in terms of their weight loss benefits.

However, among the B complex for weight loss options, some are considered to be good for promoting faster weight loss. Vitamin B12 – also known as cobalamin – often receives the most attention. It’s true that if you’re deficient in vitamin B12, that can lead to serious issues. Your doctor may recommend that you start taking pill supplements or may even give you an injection to help you to improve your nutritional balance.

That said, vitamin B12 supplements are also sometimes recommended as a part of a weight loss strategy. The reason isn’t that they will necessarily cause you to lose weight on their own. Instead, they are known to help to promote energy while reducing the risk of fatigue. They can also help to support the metabolism .

Still, these improvements will only be seen if you have been suffering from a vitamin B12 deficiency. If you’re already receiving a healthy amount of the nutrient, then keep in mind that taking it won’t be correcting a fatigue or metabolism problem. Unless there is an underlying deficiency causing those symptoms, additional vitamin B12 supplementation likely won’t do very much for you.

Vitamin B12 helps your body to convert the food you have consumed into the energy your body needs to operate its organs, systems and cells. You can obtain this vitamin naturally through many foods such as dairy, fish, eggs, pork and beef. A number of breakfast cereals have been vitamin B12 fortified, so if you are seeking to boost your natural levels through food, you might look for products with that additional fortification.

People following a plant-based lifestyle including many vegetarians and vegans may struggle to obtain enough B12. Others at a higher risk of deficiency include people who have undergone weight loss surgery as well as older adults.

If you don’t get enough of this vitamin, you can experience a range of different symptoms. You may become anemic, feel weak, fatigued, numb or experience tingling in your feet and hands. You may also feel short of breath.

Therefore, while it might be easy to think of this vitamin as one that would be a great B complex for weight loss, that’s really only the case if you’ve had a deficiency in the first place.