Are Blood Pressure Pills and Appetite Suppressants Compatible? :

Blood Pressure Pills and Appetite Suppressants CompatibleAre Blood Pressure Pills and Appetite Suppressants Compatible?

Among the most common symptoms that can be associated with an overweight body – particularly one that is obese – is high blood pressure. This is a medical condition that affects a tremendous number of people. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have estimated that one third of all adults in the United States have high blood pressure. For many people, losing weight is key to reducing, if not normalizing their blood pressure.

However, losing weight can be easier said than done, and diet pills such as appetite suppressants can look very appealing when it comes to sticking to a weight loss program that requires a reduction in daily caloric intake. After all, when eating less, one of the primary struggles to be faced is in the form of hunger levels. By shrinking the appetite, it can become much easier to eat less and to avoid making food decisions based on a feeling of “starving”. So the question arises, are blood pressure pills and appetite suppressants compatible?

If you are already taking a blood pressure medication, then you are likely aware that there are many other types of drugs and supplements that could conflict with those pills. It could cause the blood pressure meds to function differently, or could cause unpleasant or even dangerous side effects. Therefore, you may be among those who have wondered if you can take an appetite suppressant to help you to lose weight, even if you are already taking a blood pressure medication. Before doing so, it is smart to find out whether blood pressure pills and appetite suppressants can be taken together.

There are two main groups of appetite suppressants. Prescription drugs – such as phentermine, phendimetrazine, and diethylpropion – as well as over the counter products. The prescription drugs function by stimulating the central nervous system to increase the blood pressure and heart rate in order to cause a reaction in the brain that decreases hunger levels. The nonprescription supplements for hunger suppression come in a number of forms including stimulants, fibers that expand in the stomach to make a “full” feeling, and others. Already, one can spot a problem with taking blood pressure pills and appetite suppressants at the same time.

In many cases, the prescription drugs will often interact with high blood pressure medication. Phentermine, for example, is a type of amphetamine and as it boosts blood pressure levels, it becomes inappropriate for people who already have high blood pressure, regardless of whether or not they are already taking medication for that condition. That said, these drugs are also known to interact with hundreds of other medications, so it is very important to speak with a doctor before combining these two types of pill – and any other medication that you happen to be taking, for that matter.

In the form of over the counter diet pills, you should also speak to your physician, as some of them mimic the same type of reaction in the body as the prescription drugs and could cause blood pressure to rise. While the reaction may not be as extreme, it is still best to err on the side of caution as many diet pills have not been tested against the use of blood pressure medications.