What Kinds of Diet Pills Block Calories? :

calorie blocking diet pillsWhat Kinds of Diet Pills Block Calories?

There aren’t very many diet pills that have received the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s approval. At the time of the writing of this article, there had been only three basic drugs that currently have the FDA’s nod. The rest are all different combinations or brand names of the same medications. Among all of the approved drugs, only one of them is available without a prescription, at a reduced strength. That drug is orlistat. It is also the only one that has been approved for use over the long term.

At its prescription level, it can block the absorption of up to a quarter of the dietary fat that has been ingested through meals and snacks. The situation may not be quite as powerful in the non-prescription versions of that drug, but at least the dieter can take comfort in knowing that it has been proven to work and that it is safe for most people to use when they follow their doctor’s directions.

In terms of drugs that have been known to help dieters to reduce their calorie consumption, the three that have FDA approval are orlistat, phentermine, and diethylpropion.

Orlistat works by stopping the function of the lipase enzyme. Lipase is the enzyme that is required for the breakdown of dietary fats during digestion in the intestine. Therefore, when Orlistat is present, it stops the body’s ability to break down some of the fats that are consumed. When they can’t be broken down, they can’t be absorbed by the body and will pass through, undigested without impacting the calorie intake of the dieter.

Phentermine is another calorie reducing diet pill that has been approved by the FDA. Originally, it had been a part of a combination drug called fen-phen, which had been discovered to be dangerous and was taken off the market in the 90’s. Phentermine, on its own, was later released much more safely. It works as a stimulant and it reduces a dieter’s appetite while increasing the rate of fat burning. This makes it possible for a dieter to be able to more comfortably eat less while burning away more.

Diethylpropion is the third among the approved drugs. It is also an appetite suppressant and works, like phentermine, as a stimulant. By reducing cravings for food and speeding up the metabolism, dieters can lose weight by eating less without having to combat with hunger pangs.