Can Combining Diet Pills Kill You? :

Combining diet pillsCan Combining Diet Pills Kill You?

While you may know that taking certain prescription drugs can cause dangerous or even lethal combinations, many people don’t realize that the same can be said about certain diet pill combinations, as well. The fact that so many people are unaware of this risk can place them in some serious danger if they decide to try to benefit from two different weight loss supplements at one time.

For that reason, it’s important to inform yourself about the products you’re using before you simply trust the promises made by their manufacturers. It also helps to explain why it is vital that you speak with your doctor or at least a pharmacist before you begin taking any supplement. When you do consult with one of these medical professionals, make sure you discuss any medical conditions you may have in addition to any other medications and/or supplements you’re taking or that you’ve taken within the last couple of weeks. You should also bring up any other medications and/or supplements that you are considering taking at the same time as the diet pills, regardless of whether or not they’re meant for weight loss.

Even if you consult with an expert, keep in mind that combining over the counter products can still be problematic. The reason is that while it would be nice if nonprescription diet pills contained exactly what was written on their labels, in many cases, this is not necessarily true. This industry is not regulated and because of that, some disreputable manufacturers have been known to add different ingredients or even prescription medications that are not on the label of the product. Though this is not a standard practice throughout the industry it is also not entirely rare.

This not only underscores the importance of looking into the company behind any diet pills you may be considering but it also points out the danger of combining them even if you have done your homework.

Still, even if you choose a products from highly reputable manufacturers, it’s important to note that even ingredients that can seem perfectly harmless can lead to dangerous or even deadly reactions when they are combined. There are many ingredients in diet pills that are highly commonplace and that are considered to be safe on their own but that, when combined, create a response in the body that could place your life in danger.

Many stimulants, for instance, can seem as though they are very safe. Caffeine, for example, is safe enough that it is consumed by billions of people on a daily basis in coffees, teas, some sodas, chocolate and other foods. That said, as safe as caffeine may be on its own, it is not meant to be combined with most other stimulants, including synephrine which is often found in diet pills that contain bitter orange, also known as citrus aurantium. That combination has been found to increase a person’s risk of heart attack or stroke.

Keeping safe from these types of problems are simple. Take only one diet pill at a time and make sure it is from a company you can trust.