Popular Diet Pill Claims That are Nothing But Lies :

Diet Pill Claims LiesPopular Diet Pill Claims That are Nothing But Lies

Diet pills can be found everywhere these days. They’re in drugstores, convenience stores, dollar stores and all across the internet. Moreover, for every good quality product that has been clinically tested and makes legitimate claims, there are a dozen – or possibly more – that exaggerate or mislead through wording and images.

In fact, misleading advertising has become quite problematic in an industry that does indeed have some exceptional products to offer. It is quite a shame as it makes it difficult for consumers to track down the best products for their needs and expectations from among a sea of deceptive claims.

This makes it very important for dieters to arm themselves with knowledge about what diet pills can and cannot do, so they will be less likely to fall victim to deceptive claims.

Consider the following promises made by diet pill manufacturers that you should never believe:

• Lose weight without changing what you eat – Dubious pill manufacturers absolutely love to tell people that they can go ahead and continue eating the way they always have while they lose weight because of the magical properties in their diet pills. Unfortunately, no capsule, tablet, powder, drop or lotion has ever been proven to “melt fat” off a person’s body on its own. Even prescription medications don’t work that way. In fact, decades of research have found that dietary changes are the component of weight loss that has the greatest impact. If you don’t change what you eat, the odds are that you won’t lose weight in any meaningful way.
• Lose weight without getting off the couch – Aside from changing what you eat, living an active lifestyle is the next most important step in losing weight and keeping it off. Any product that says you can lose weight without exercising is making false claims. Even if it did work – which it wouldn’t – any weight you could lose in this way would only return the moment you stop using the diet pill. Moreover, the more lean muscle you build through regular exercise, the more efficient your body becomes at burning calories and fats, regardless of whether you’re idle or exercising. Products that say you don’t need to exercise are without merit and are clearly marketed without a care to your health or wellbeing.
• Turn fat into muscle – This is a strange but surprisingly common claim among diet pills. They claim to be able to alter your body composition by turning fat into muscle, by changing the way your body uses nutrients or by suppressing certain hormones. The way these claims are made can sometimes seem quite convincing. However, that simply isn’t the way the body functions. Fat can’t be turned into muscle – those are specialized cells that simply don’t transform into each other – and a pill can’t change the way the body uses nutrients.