What do Diet Pills do to Acne Prone Skin? :

diet pills acneWhat do Diet Pills do to Acne Prone Skin?

Diet pills can have an interesting effect on the skin, but it depends on the individual and the pill that is chosen. While some will help efforts to prevent pimples from breaking out on the skin, others will hinder even the most careful skincare routine.

The issue occurs because hormones are at the center of the issue that causes acne vulgaris, and they are also one of the primary parts of the body that are affected by weight loss and the efforts to lose weight. The hormones that are responsible for skin oil production can be directly affected by the ingredients in diet pills and this can turn things in either a positive or a negative direction.

To start, you should know that different types of diet pills have been linked to different types of reactions from the skin. For example, diet pills that have been formulated for the purpose of reducing the levels of the cortisol (stress) hormone in order to improve the results of a healthy eating and exercise program can also improve the condition of the skin and reduce acne breakouts. Essentially, effective diet pills that ease stress also ease one of the major causes of breakouts: stress. If the stress was causing the acne in the first place, these diet pills could virtually eliminate it.

That said, there are also certain ingredients in diet pills that are known to boost the production of testosterone in the body. While this may be a mild increase in the hormone which is found in both men and women, it can be enough to be reflected on the skin – particularly skin that is already acne prone. Tribulus terrestris extract and yohimbe bark are two very common diet pill ingredients that have been associated with that effect. Since an increase of testosterone has also been linked to an increase in androgens (which can lead to acne symptoms), those types of ingredients may be better avoided by individuals who are at a higher risk of acne breakouts and who do not want their skin impacted by their efforts to lose weight.

That said, it is important to point out that even the diet pills that are beneficial for clearing and preventing acne should not be considered a cure. If it does help your skin, consider it a handy benefit and allow yourself to take advantage of the opportunity to learn how to eat a healthier diet that will have a similar impact on your hormones in a natural way.