Do Diet Pills Hurt the Metabolism Over the Long Term? :

Diet Pills MetabolismDo Diet Pills Hurt the Metabolism Over the Long Term?

We all know that all diet pills are not created equal. It also shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that some ingredients are safer than others. That said, even among those that work, there has been some level of controversy over whether or not they are actually helping or hindering over the long term. This particularly has to do with the impact that diet pills have on the metabolism.

What isn’t certain is whether or not the products that work as fat burners actually end up causing the body to slow down its metabolism of fats after those products have been used for a while. The reason is that some ingredients within those products are stimulants, such as caffeine, guarana, bitter orange, synephrine, and a very long list of other common substances. These work by stimulating the nervous system in order to temporarily boost the metabolic rate.

That said, it is also possible for diet pills to have the exact opposite effect. This often depends on the impact that those pills have on the user’s muscle mass. Overuse of some stimulants, particularly when not combined with regular cardio and strength training exercise, can cause some level of muscle loss along with the fat that is being burned. As muscles are natural calorie burners, the loss of the muscles can mean that the metabolic rate will slow down.

This is one of a large number of reasons that it is very important for diet pills to be used while under the supervision of a doctor. Even if the products that are chose are nonprescription, it is still a very good idea to consult with a physician in order to know exactly how they should be used and with what eating and exercise plan. This can help to reduce the risk of unexpected results to go along with the overall weight loss.

This also helps to explain why it is very important to ensure that only high quality products are being used. While it doesn’t necessarily mean that stimulants should be avoided, as they can have some very helpful benefits in energy boosting (for more effective workouts) and for metabolic improvements, these substances do need to be used properly in order to gain the best benefits and to avoid potential drawbacks.

Overall, while diet pills can – if misused – lead to slowing of the metabolism, it is also quite possible to use them for positive effects and benefits without that outcome.