Prescription Diet Pills That Don’t Require Exercise to Work :

Diet Pills That Don’t Require ExercisePrescription Diet Pills That Don’t Require Exercise to Work

Are you looking for diet pills that don’t require exercise? Despite the false claims of many supplements that you can use them to lose weight without making a single change to your lifestyle, that type of pill simply does not exist. Still, this doesn’t necessarily mean that if you want to take a diet pill, you absolutely must exercise in order to obtain benefits.

There are some prescription diet pills that don’t require exercise in order to be effective. It’s true that they will be more effective if exercise is included along with their use, but it is possible to use these prescriptions exclusively with a reduced calorie diet and still enjoy weight loss benefits.

It is also important to know that the use of these prescription drugs is meant exclusively for the short-term. This means that while they may help to reduce the weight during the period of reduced calorie consumption throughout that time, it is up to the dieter to use that assisted period in order to come up with a strategy to continue the weight loss or at least stop the lost weight from coming back.

Among the prescription drugs doctors may recommend for people who must lose weight but who cannot increase their daily activity level are the following:

• Tenuate – this short term obesity prescription medication is a sympathomimetic amine. That is a substance not entirely unlike an amphetamine. Over a few weeks of use, it can help to increase a body’s fat burning abilities while decreasing the size of the appetite. That said, it does gradually decrease in effectiveness over time, it comes with the risk of addiction and withdrawal symptoms and it is associated with many common side effects including dizziness, nervousness and blurred vision, among others.
• Phentermine – like Tenuate, this drug also has an effect on the central nervous system (CNS), which leads to an increase in energy levels, metabolism and reduced appetite. It is also potentially habit forming and can be used only over the short term. This is a product meant for people who are obese but should likely not be considered appropriate for anyone who has hyperthyroid conditions, high blood pressure, glaucoma or drug or alcohol abuse problems.

These two drugs are more effective if used in combination with regular exercise, but they are diet pills that don’t require exercise to gain benefits. However, it is possible to take advantage of their benefits along with a reduced calorie diet for effective weight loss. It won’t be as fast as it would be if the dieter exercised most days, but they may be enough to boost the effectiveness of proper eating habits.