These False Weight Loss Beliefs Could be to Blame for Your Lack of Results :

False Weight Loss BeliefsThings You Believe That are Destroying Your Weight Loss

The amount of inaccurate information circulating about weight loss at any given time is astounding. In fact, there are times when it can feel as though there are more false weight loss beliefs available on the topic than accurate data. Some of it is extremely easy to detect but some is actually a lot harder than you might think.

Unfortunately, this means that the vast majority of us are currently functioning under the assumption that at least a few false weight loss beliefs are actually true. While some of those myths are relatively harmless, others can not only hold us back but can cause us to gain weight or have long term ramifications.

To avoid beliefs that make weight loss harder than it needs to be, it’s a good idea to occasionally check in on the latest myths making the rounds and correct your mindset about what you should be doing to burn fat more efficiently.

The top false weight loss beliefs include:

False Weight Loss Belief #1 – Weight loss involves numbers decreasing steadily on a scale.

It would be great if we could count on our efforts consistently providing us with readings on the scale that tell us we’re doing the right thing. However, the scale is a very limited tool, so even when you are making great progress, it doesn’t always show up in the number you’re seeing. Often, retained water or built lean muscle can make it look as though you’ve plateaued or gained weight, when you’re actually burning fat consistently and just happen to be heavier for other reasons. Remember that your scale measures your weight as a whole, not just the part of you made up of fat.

False Weight Loss Belief #2 – All calories are the same.

Your body metabolizes calories from proteins, fats and carbohydrates differently. Therefore, counting calories on its own can’t work as your exclusive weight management strategy if your hope is to take off the weight and keep it off forever. Calorie counting, like your bathroom scale, is only a tool. You need to create a balance among your macronutrients and pay attention to your nutrition as a whole if you want the most effective weight loss.

False Weight Loss Belief #3 – You can use a diet pill to make you lose weight, without changing anything else

Pills that tell you that they’re all you need to lose fat are lying to you. The only way they can cause you to lose weight is by flushing some of the water from your body’s tissues. That weight will only return as the dieter becomes rehydrated and body fat levels will have stayed the same.

The bottom line: Before you develop false weight loss beliefs related to dieting, diet pills, or exercise, confirm the information through more research. Be sure to check authority weight loss sites that have collected the information from several studies to reach a conclusion.