Can Nursing Mothers Use Fat Burners? :

fat burners while nursingCan Nursing Mothers Use Fat Burners?

One of the most common struggles that women face after giving birth to their children – aside from the busy days and sleepless nights, of course – is the challenge of losing the excess baby weight. With such low energy levels, the healing process, and a new baby that demands the vast majority of their time, it can be challenging to try to eat ideally for weight loss while working in a level of exercise that will be conducive to fat burning. For that reason, many mothers wonder if they can take fat burners despite the fact that they are breastfeeding their babies.

Taking fat burners can be very tempting because the right ones can improve the effectiveness of the rest of your efforts and can hurry along the process of reducing the excess weight. However, the vast majority of this type of diet pills contain one or several stimulant ingredients. The reason is that stimulants work by boosting the metabolism and reducing the appetite.

That said, the majority of that type of ingredient can transfer into the breast milk that your baby is drinking. For that reason, it is typically not recommended that a woman who is breastfeeding should take this type of diet pills.

If you are still considering taking a fat burner to help you to lose weight while you are nursing your baby, there are a number of very important safety issues that you should keep in mind.

The first is that you should absolutely speak to your physician. You should never take any supplement – especially one containing stimulants – while breastfeeding, without speaking with your doctor.

Common ingredients in fat burners include caffeine, synephrine, and phenylpropanolamine. These can all transfer through breast milk and are unsafe for babies. Other diet pills contain ephedra, also known as ma huang or ephedrine, among other names. That substance has been banned by the FDA for weight loss and yet it still makes its way into some fat burners that can be easily bought online. This is not only dangerous for an adult to take but this can be exceptionally dangerous to a baby.

While it is true that not all ingredients in fat burners will transfer through breast milk to a baby, many of them have simply not been tested to an adequate extent and it is, therefore, impossible to know whether or not it would transfer to the child, or whether or not it would cause harm to the baby if he or she should consume it.

That said, it is not a worthwhile risk to take when there are so many other ways for a new mother to be able to lose weight in a healthy way that will not place the baby in potential harm.