How Dangerous is it to Take More than One Diet Pill? :

more than one diet pillHow Dangerous is it to Take More than One Diet Pill?

Weight loss supplements are huge in the United States because many of us are continually working on trying to overcome a struggle with obesity. That said, many people feel that they should be able to get more out of these pills and while they know they shouldn’t take more than the maximum number of one type of pill, many people wonder if combining multiple types of pills to strengthen the benefits or to try to obtain more benefits than are available through a single product. They find themselves asking if it is safe to take more than one diet pill at a time.

There are several issues surrounding the practice of taking more than one diet pill. In order to prevent complications, it is very important to become aware of those issues and to speak with a physician before taking any single or multiple diet pills.

The first thing that needs to be considered is the ingredients in all the diet pills you are considering taking. There are two main categories and several smaller categories of diet pills. That said, a single product can contain ingredients that fall into several of those categories. Therefore, while a pill may be labeled as a fat blocker, it doesn’t mean that it won’t also contain ingredients that may be found in appetite suppressants. Stimulants are among the most common cross-over ingredients that are found in pills within different categories.

Taking more than one diet pill together can be very problematic because someone might think they are taking a fat blocker and an appetite suppressant but at the same time, they could be taking dangerously high doses of ingredients that are the same or that are similar enough to create strong side effects. For instance, if one pill contained caffeine and the other contained bitter orange (synephrine), then combining them could not only cause the user to experience very high levels of stimulants, but it could also create a combination that has been called dangerous by the FDA, as it increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The same can be said when combining any number of herbs, medications and even nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

As stand-alone products have been designed to be taken as the sole weight loss supplement, it means they aren’t formulated to be used in combination with other products – regardless of whether those products are over the counter or prescription drugs. There have been many cases of people experiencing dangerous results such as liver injuries after combining two substances that may be harmless on their own but that are hazardous when combined or taken in high doses.

For this reason, it is typically considered to be a far better idea to find a single product that is highly effective than to try to create a cocktail of diet supplements for weight loss.