Traveling With Non-Prescription Diet Pills :

Diet Pills while travelingTraveling With Non-Prescription Diet Pills

Just because you’re headed out of town, it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily want to give up on all of your weight loss efforts. Because of that, you may want to bring your diet pills with you. But if you’re hoping to keep them in your carry-on luggage, then it is important to know what is and is likely to be considered acceptable as you head to catch your flight.

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has made a concerted effort to make it easier for travelers to understand how they can bring their medications and supplements with them in their carry-on luggage. This is especially true when those substances are in the form of non-prescription diet pills. The reason is that most travel experts recommend that any medications that travel with you should not be left in your checked luggage, in case there is a delay in sending it to you, or in case it is lost altogether.

The key to traveling successfully with your diet pills is in making sure that they have been packed in a legal way. This will help to make the security screening process a smooth one. Be sure to prepare each of your pill bottles in a way that makes it quick and easy for the security officers to see what you’re bringing with you, and to know that what’s inside reflects the label on the bottle. It will also help them to determine whether or not the substances that you’re bringing with you are considered to be safe and legal at your destination.

The regulations of the TSA say that you can bring an unlimited amount of prescription medication on a flight with you – including diet pills – provided that it fits within the maximum carry-on luggage size and weight. This process is simplest when the medications are in the form of pills. They can be transported in any form of case, bottle, or bag. The requirement that you do need to follow, however, is to remove those pills from your luggage as you pass through the airport security checkpoint, so that you can declare those substances and show that you are bringing legal diet pills onto the flight. This can help to reduce the risk of being accused of trying to transport illegal substances within your carry-on luggage.

In the case of non-prescription diet pills, the rules are slightly different because they are lumped in with health supplements and vitamins. There is a maximum amount that you will be able to bring with you, and too many could cause airport security to object to your having taken too many with you. The FDA allows you to bring enough for personal use, only, so make sure that you bring the minimum amount for your trip in your carry-on. If you need to bring extra, pack it in your checked luggage to reduce the risk of problems.

Even in the case of non-prescription diet pills, it is still a good idea for you to remove the products from your bag to show them to airport security before the luggage is x-rayed, so that you can show that they are legal and within the allowable quantity limits. As much as possible, make sure that you keep the pills in their original packaging with the original labeling on it. This helps to speed up screening and is legally required in some states and countries.