The Impact of Phentermine Withdrawal on Weight Loss :

Phentermine WithdrawalThe Impact of Phentermine Withdrawal on Weight Loss

One of the most common reasons that people tend to want to avoid taking Phentermine, regardless of whether or not they’ve ever used it before is Phentermine withdrawal symptoms. But what many people don’t realize is that the struggle caused by withdrawal symptoms isn’t just a matter of the discomforts that they generate. It also has to do with the impact on the weight loss that the user has been trying to achieve.

Among the biggest problems with Phentermine withdrawal symptoms is that they are not only uncomfortable but that they can also work against the weight loss that the dieter has worked so hard to accomplish.

It is very important to speak with a doctor before ceasing the use of Phentermine. The reason is that if you have been using it for more than even the shortest time, then you may need to gradually reduce your dose or you will risk experiencing these side effects. The longer the time you have been using these pills and the higher the dosage, the greater your chances of Phentermine withdrawal symptoms.

Some of the following are among the most common withdrawal symptoms and the impact that they can have on your weight loss.

Fatigue – as a stimulant, Phentermine can be an energy booster and can increase alertness. However, by ceasing the use of this diet drug, the artificial energy levels will suddenly be removed and the result is often weakness, drowsiness, and fatigue, until the brain learns how to run on its own energy, once again. The problem is that this can lead a person to feel too tired to prepare healthier meals, to exercise, or even to feel motivated to keep up with any part of their diet.

Weight gain – one of the direct withdrawal symptoms of this medication is actually gaining weight because the appetite suppression is no longer there. The specific cause of regaining the weight is not yet known but it is believed that because the dieter’s appetite returns, then he or she will eat more, causing the fat levels to return.

Depression – symptoms of depression and low mood are very common as the dopamine and norepinephrine neurotransmitters must rebalance to their normal functioning state. This can be harmful to a diet as well as to many other parts of a dieter’s life.

Drug cravings – cravings for Phentermine are common when trying to cease the use of this medication. This is why most doctors will not prescribe this medication to people who already have a history of substance abuse.