Protein with Diet Pills :

Protein with Diet Pills

Unexpected Ways Protein Can Make a Diet Pill Less Effective

Protein with diet pills can be a seriously effective weight loss strategy, but there is a major exception to consider. Diet pills, when chosen correctly, can be very helpful to improving the effectiveness of a healthy weight loss diet. However, they can only help when you take on your eating strategy properly.

High protein diets are extremely popular at the moment, but many people misinterpret what is meant by a high protein diet, or they don’t choose the strategy that is right for them. As a result, they end up holding themselves back from the results they could be getting and they may end up reducing the effectiveness of eating protein with diet pills they take.

Protein with diet pills can be fantastic for weight loss. Together they provide a filling, slowly release and fast acting form of energy. It also helps you to recover your muscles instead of losing them when you work out and lose weight. This helps to make sure your metabolism stays as high as it can. Focusing more on protein also helps to make it easier to reduce the amount of unhealthy carbs you’re eating, like foods made from white flour or refined sugars.

However, just as the rule says, there can be too much of a good thing. Protein is no exception. The Clinical Nutrition journal published a study in 2015 that showed that people who eat more than 20 percent of their calories from protein (particularly animal-based protein) had a considerably greater likelihood of gaining over 10 percent of their body weight than similar people who ate under 15 percent of their daily calories from protein.

Indeed, there is a lot of research out there indicating that eating more protein can help you to lose – not gain – weight, that 2015 study certainly threw a wrench into the consistency of those results.

The issue isn’t that protein is necessarily bad. The problem is that protein contains calories just like other foods. Therefore, if you at the same size portion of a high protein dish, instead of filling up on a salad or something low in protein but that is also low in calories, it can cause you to overeat without realizing it.

The following are some of the ways protein with diet pills can do harm to the effectiveness of a weight loss program and any benefits you could be gaining, plus how to correct it:

• It can lead to eating far too many calories every day (calorie tracking can help correct this)
• It can lead to an unhealthy amount of meat eating (choosing plant based sources of protein can correct this)
• It can lead to binging on carbs following powerful cravings (eating a healthy protein to carbohydrates to fats ratio can help correct this)
• It can lead to low energy levels during workouts (eating healthy whole grain carbs ahead of a workout can help to correct this).