Top Tips to Bust Through A Stubborn Weight Loss Plateau :

Stubborn Weight Loss PlateauTop Tips to Bust Through A Stubborn Weight Loss Plateau

The only thing more frustrating than a plateau in your weight loss strategy is actual weight gain. Even when you’re taking diet pills, plateaus seem to come out of nowhere. For weeks, you can stick to an effective plan, you can feel great and you can lose a pound or two like clockwork every seven days. Then, suddenly, it all comes to a screeching halt.

When the scale doesn’t show any weight loss for one week, it can be a bit frustrating. However, when that trend continues over time, it can make you feel as though you’re putting an awful lot of effort forward and money lost on diet pills, without any results at all. It can feel as though everything you’re trying so hard to accomplish isn’t worth it. After all, why are you cutting back on the foods you love and sticking to every workout when you’re not being rewarded for it with a smaller number on the scale each week?

Doctors and scientists call the plateau phenomenon “adaptive thermogeneisis.” No matter what diet programs or “experts” might tell you, medicine has yet to determine precisely what causes it.

Among the most common beliefs is that adaptive thermogenesis occurs as a result of the changes you’re experiencing in your body weight and composition (you’re building lean muscle as you lose body fat). Thyroid function may have changed or you may have experienced a difference in your leptin levels or your leptin sensitivity. Leptin is a type of fat cell-produced hormone that functions in the brain for the regulation of body weight and appetite. That said, whether or not these are the cause is not officially known.

That said, if you are sticking to a healthy eating strategy, you’re getting enough sleep and are exercising regularly and in a way that is appropriate to your fitness level, then a few tweaks here and there might be all that is standing between you and continued weight loss.

Use the following techniques to help you to bust through your weight loss plateau:

Cut back on unnecessary junk – Empty calories aren’t your friends. Make every calorie count by choosing nutrient dense foods. You don’t necessarily need to change your calorie intake if you’re already in a decent zone. However you can improve the quality of the calories you’re eating. Areas you can most effectively replace with better quality foods are added sugars and refined flour.

Remember you’re seeking fat loss – Don’t base your success exclusively on the scale. Your bathroom scale doesn’t distinguish among fat, water and muscle. If you’ve eaten a lot of salty foods lately or aren’t hydrating properly, you may be retaining water. If you’ve been building lean muscle, you may have added weight in terms of muscle but reduced it in terms of fat, which won’t show up on the scale. Measure your progress in more ways than the bathroom scale.

Sleep – If you’re slashing calories and spending a ton of time at the gym, you won’t get nearly the results you should if you’re not sleeping properly. Get some rest. You need it and so does your weight loss.