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Is it Worth it to Stick to a Keto Diet During the Holidays?

Posted by DietPillsInfo on November - 28 - 2020
Keep Up Keto Diet During the Holidays

Believe it or not, yes, it is possible to stick to a keto diet during the holidays. The question most people need to ask is whether or not it’s worth it.  How committed to this strategy are they and how much do traditional holiday foods mean to them? Carb-Heavy Meals, Feasts, and Sweet Treats It’s no mystery that meals high in carbs, huge feasts, and tons of sweet treats define  [ Read More ]

The Truth About Carb Blockers

Posted by Diet Pills Info on January - 24 - 2020
Truth About Carb Blockers

The Truth About Carb Blockers One of the “newer” categories of over the counter weight loss supplement includes carb blockers. Although they aren’t technically all that new anymore, when compared to some of the other existing supplement categories, they were later to enter the scene. The First Major Carb Blocker Fad They are primarily the result of the craze that had people trying to stop eating carbohydrates in order to  [ Read More ]