Do Topical Weight Loss Supplements Work? :

Topical Weight Loss SupplementsDo Topical Weight Loss Supplements Work?

While the majority of dieting supplements do come in the form of capsules, caplets and tablet pills, there is also a very large category of weight loss products that are meant to be used topically. From cellulite creams to lotions and gels, consumers are inundated with different products that claim you can simply rub them into your skin in order to reduce the size of their bodies.

Some of these topical weight loss products are meant for specific parts of the body such as the belly, thighs, arms or behind. Others are meant to be used overall for a complete slimming effect. While some claim to simply help remove extra water and fluids stored in the tissues, some claim that they can help to get rid of cellulite and other forms of fat.

But the question is: do topical weight loss products work? Could they one day replace pills?

The majority of studies that have been conducted on these products have shown that topical products do not lead to fat loss on the body. For one thing, topical products simply do not reach deep enough into the body to even access the fat cells. Topical products usually make their way into the epidermis but will usually not be absorbed any farther than that, such as into the dermis and beyond.

There are some products that can lead to a very temporary reduction in size, but it’s important to note that they don’t have anything to do with fat loss. They usually work by encouraging water loss or tightening the skin. Many of these products contain caffeine or other stimulant ingredients. They work exceptionally temporarily and the difference they make is only very slight.

They should not be considered to be an alternative to healthy eating or exercise. They will not lead to the type of weight loss that is experienced when eating nutritious foods and taking part in regular daily exercise.

Many people find that once they start losing weight, these lotions and creams can be helpful in providing a bit of tightening to the loose skin that can begin to form if the weight loss was rapid enough. However, it wouldn’t ever be enough to allow you to fit into a smaller size of clothing.

When shopping for this type of topical weight loss product, it’s important to read claims very carefully, do your homework and, when in doubt, check with a doctor and/or pharmacist.