Will Supplementing Vitamin B12 Cause Rapid Weight Loss? :

Vitamin B12 for weight lossWill Supplementing Vitamin B12 Cause Rapid Weight Loss?

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is one of a total of eight different B complex vitamins. Each are essential for different specific reasons, but overall they contribute to the production of energy and to the maintenance of central nervous system (CNS) health. Deficiencies in this nutrient can lead to certain unwanted symptoms which is why many doctors will typically recommend supplementation in order to compensate for what is lacking when a deficiency is present.

That said, over the last couple of decades, vitamin B12 has also been making its way into many diet pill formulations under the claim that it can help with weight loss. Most of the claims suggest that it provides a boost to both energy levels and the metabolism.

That said, it is important to understand that while vitamin B12 has been widely studied and correcting a deficiency in this nutrient can restore energy levels that were drooping as a result of that deficiency, there has yet to be any solid evidence that would indicate that supplementing a healthy body with additional B12 would help with weight loss. In fact, there has yet to be any indication that supplementing a deficient body will result in weight loss, either.

Most supplement companies that use this ingredient as a part of their formulations do so with the intention of citing studies that show that it does boost the metabolism and energy levels. However, they do not place the spotlight on the fact that those studies are focused on people with deficiencies – which may not represent the average healthy dieter – and those effects are not directly linked to losing weight within those study participants.

It’s true that all B vitamins play a role in the conversion of consumed food into usable energy. When too little B12 is present in the body, it can lead to fatigue, anemia, numbness, weakness, shortness of breath and even tingling in the feet and hands. That said, the average person can easily obtain enough of this nutrient through their diet.

It is usually strict vegans and vegetarians as well as older adults who are most likely to be at risk of deficiencies. Still, it is clear that these are very specific groups and this does not represent the general population, indicating that it is unlikely that the average dieter is deficient in vitamin B12 and needs supplementation in order to overcome weight and obesity struggles.