New Study Reveals Holiday Weight Gain Prevention Tips :

Holiday Weight Gain Prevention Tips

New Study Reveals Holiday Weight Gain Prevention Tips

Have you been rolling your eyes at the lists of weight gain prevention tips that always pop up during the holiday season? It could be time for you to take a second look at what they have to say. New research examining the amount of weight the average person gains during the holiday season has been rather eye opening. Moreover, it has suggested that the right preventative actions can indeed make a difference.

Prior studies have certainly made us feel that holiday weight gain prevention tips are only there to disappoint. After all, when you see data such as that the average American gains between 5 pounds or 7 to 10 pounds from the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, it’s easy to feel that nothing we do could possibly help. However, newer research has shown that this may not be the case.

Do Weight Gain Prevention Tips Help?

A new British study has shown that it is absolutely possible to get through the holidays without gaining any weight. Moreover, this study did not state that the weight gain prevention tips that work have anything to do with deprivation. Instead, all it took was a few common sense strategies to keep the pounds from creeping on.

The researchers examined the weight of about 300 adults throughout the holiday season. They were divided into two groups.

The first group was provided with weight gain prevention tips to help keep things under control. They were also provided with a list of physical activities that would be required to burn off certain specific foods and drinks popular during the holidays. The list was broken down to show how many calories a certain food or drink contained, then showed workout options for burning those things off again. They had to weigh themselves a minimum of two times per week. The average person during that first group didn’t gain any weight throughout the study.

What Happens Without the Right Weight Gain Prevention Tips?

The second group was not provided with weight gain prevention tips or exercises for burning off holiday foods. Instead, they were provided with a healthy living pamphlet. They were given information about how to build a healthy lifestyle. This included information about weight management. That said, their recommendations did not include information about the holiday season. The average person in that group gained weight.

Instead of looking for weight gain prevention tips in general, it’s important to focus on those specific to the season. This technique appears to be the key to keeping the pounds from climbing on. It may also help you to bring the trend to a stop if you’ve already found yourself gaining weight during the holidays so far.