What’s Better for Weight Loss: Teas or Pills? :

weight loss teas or pillsWhat’s Better for Weight Loss: Teas or Pills?

When you’re trying to find the best way to lose weight, you have quite the challenge ahead of you. After all, there are thousands of different products on the market that each claim to be the solution you’ve been waiting for, including weight loss teas and pills.

If the number of products wasn’t enough, then there is also the challenge of having to select from among several different categories. After all, there are pills, devices, drops, shakes and teas to consider, among others. Two of the leading categories – particularly in the natural weight loss effort – are weight loss teas and pills. But which is better? Can sipping a cup of an herbal beverage give you the same results as swallowing a tablet or a capsule?

We all know that the right diet pill can help you to lose weight. This isn’t true for all diet pills and all diets, but if you combine the right high quality product with your efforts to eat right and exercise regularly, the pounds should start to come off.

However, teas are something else altogether. After all, even if some good quality diet pills actually contain tea ingredients. Shouldn’t drinking teas work just as well? For some, this could indeed be enough. It all depends on the expected results, the person using this method and the tea chosen to do the trick.

It’s important to keep in mind that no diet pill or tea will cause weight to simply come off the body without any changes made on your part. After all, if you were to continue eating and/or failing to exercise on a regular basis, even prescription drugs wouldn’t be enough to make a difference.

The success of high quality diet pills and weight loss teas is based on your willingness to change your eating habits for the better and to keep up a regular exercise strategy. That way, you can use the benefits of the product you choose in order to be able to enhance the results you’re achieving through your efforts.

Among the teas most commonly associated with weight loss, green tea is easily the most heavily studied. This helps to explain why so many people on diets choose to chug it down all day long. The key is to drink several cups of it without adding anything to it, particularly sweeteners. Matcha green tea provides an even more powerful punch than regular tea bags or loose leaf.

There have also been been some preliminary research that have indicated that white tea may also have some benefits in preventing weight gain, which may be of some advantage while trying to lose weight. That said, it’s important to remember that those studies are very preliminary and are hardly conclusive.